The SilkRoad Revolution: Ticket Access

What ever the season, Toronto has a team playing in the major leagues. SilkRoad has connections with sporting events tickets** for NHL, MBL, NBA, MLS or special events like Tennis. We are happy to check availability of concert, theatre, or other cultural events tickets**.

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Tickets to Toronto Events from SilkRoad Car Service

To complete a night out, SilkRoad will recommend restaurants and make dinner reservations.

On the booking form, please choose one of the pre-priced packages (below) or note what you
need and SilkRoad will confirm the details by email.

Night Out Packages
Toronto Dinner
3 - 4
$ 210.00*
3 hrs
Toronto Event & Dinner
3 - 4
$ 280.00*
4 hrs
*Cost for car and driver only
**A 10% service fee will be added to the cost of the tickets